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One of the major investments a business can make for its brand is getting its entire building painted. A well-painted building will let people know that you are open for business and you are a brand that invests in its image.

Long Island Painter is a reliable Massapequa, NY painting company that can help you achieve the impressions you want people to see when they visit your store or facility. Our commercial painting service is customized to suit your requirements, timeline, and budget and guarantees high-quality results. Whether you want us to paint inside or outside your building, we guarantee that our commercial painters won’t disrupt your business and provide only the best paint job you have ever seen.

Our Massapequa commercial painting service is open all year round, and we even offer follow-up repairs after we finish the work. With us as your commercial painting contractor, you can maintain your building’s paintwork all the time without worrying about its quality.

Call Long Island Painter at (516) 614-4194 for your Free Consultation with a Massapequa Commercial Painting expert!

Commercial vs. Industrial Painting Services

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As a business, it may be confusing as to which painting service you should get for your building because there is commercial painting and industrial painting. Both painting services can paint buildings for business purposes; however, they differ when it comes to what the building will be used for.

Commercial painting involves painting a building where a business will be welcoming customers to the facility. Retail stores, hospitals, hotels, amusement parks, and resorts are great examples of buildings that can benefit from commercial painting services. Commercial painting uses durable paint like Latex paint that will stay vibrant and invoke positive emotions for your guests.

Meanwhile, industrial painting involves painting buildings that serve a specific function for the company, but do not see much customer traffic. It could be to serve as a storage facility for a company, or it is a manufacturing plant. For industrial painting projects, the paints used are more durable and can withstand harsh conditions inside and outside the facility.

Full Service Painting Company

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Long Island Painter has been offering its personalized Massapequa commercial painting service consistently to clients since the company opened its doors to the public. As a business, we know how important it is to keep people interested in our services. With a fresh and perfect coat of paint in the interior and exterior parts of the building, people will know that you care for your brand and that you are a professional business.

When you reach out to us to request our commercial painting service, you will be assigned to a contact who will personalize our service to deliver professional results that you will be satisfied with. We work on all kinds of commercial establishments, from retail stores, hotels, hospitals to amusement parks. We also offer our services all year round, and we can work on your project without disrupting your operations. Once you approve our project plan and quote, we will bring in all the materials and paint that we will use for your project.

Our team of commercial painters can also do the following services for your commercial establishment or building:

  • High-durability coatings
  • Drywall repair
  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Light carpentry and repairs
  • Off-hours and weekend production
  • Power washing
  • Tilt-up repairs and painting

All the commercial painting projects come with a limited warranty, and we will also contact you once in a while to ask if you need anything. With this dedication, you know you are partnered with a commercial painting company that can help you achieve the ideal image you want for your brand.

Free Consultation Today

Massapequa Commercial Painting certapro logo 300x64As your chosen industry grows, you will need to ensure that every aspect of your business keeps up with the changes, including your company’s paintwork.

Let our Massapequa commercial painting service show you how we will update your establishment’s interior and exterior paint to match with your brand and keep it up-to-date with the trends to bring in more people. We will also personalize our service to match your schedule, design requirements, and budget while ensuring we do not disrupt your business in any way.

Call Long Island Painter at (516) 614-4194 for your Free Consultation with a Massapequa Commercial Painting expert!