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Hewlett Painting Company

Paint is one of the most crucial investments a person or business can make for their spaces. It can increase the value of the space, as well as improve its ambiance.

Hewlett Painting Company pexels mikhail nilov 7573940 200x300While painting can be done by anyone, there is actually a lot more work to be done before a surface is ready for painting. If you don’t have the time to go to the store to buy all the things you need to paint and handle the prep work, it is recommended that you hire a reliable Hewlett painting company to do the job.

Long Island Painter is a leading Hewlett, NY painting company that understands how important these spaces are for your home and business. When you reach out to our painting team, we will not just put a fresh coat of paint on the space; we will also help you build the space you are dreaming of.

For us, we want you to enjoy the space we create for you through our painting service, which is why when we work on a space, we do it as if we are doing our own homes or business space.

It is also our goal to deliver results on time and keep close contact with you even after we finish the project. This ensures that you can get touch-ups and repairs when needed and guarantee that you are getting quality service from a brand you can trust.

Call Long Island Painter at (516) 614-4194 today for your Free Consultation with a Hewlett painting expert!

Why Hire a Professional Painting Company

While DIY and amateur painters are available, hiring an experienced local painting company presents a lot of benefits to any painting project they work on. If you are uncertain about hiring one, here are some great reasons why you should:

Great Investment

Professional painting companies understand how important these projects are for your family or your business. When they handle the project, they will do their best to deliver a paint job that will increase the value of the space painted and achieve the design you are looking for. They want to make sure that your investment is well-spent.


Hewlett Painting Company pexels ivan samkov 5799046 200x300DIY and amateur painters can indeed color your walls and spaces. However, there is no guarantee that it will be done evenly and last for a long time. There might even be a chance that the painter does not recognize the signs of damage on the walls, which can be a safety risk if not repaired or replaced.

A professional painting company makes sure that every inch of the space they are working on is prepared and repaired if there is a need before they put a new coat of paint on. They are highly experienced in handling all kinds of painting projects, whether it is for residential or commercial property. From the moment you let them know about the painting project, they will check every aspect of the surface and guarantee stunning work that will help it stand out no matter where you look. The project will also be delivered on time and within budget.


When something goes wrong with the project, getting an amateur or DIY painter accountable for their work can be difficult. However, with a professional painting company, you know you are giving the project to someone who understands how important this project is for you.

Provides Large Savings

Finally, hiring a painting company will provide you with a lot of time and savings in the process. An inexperienced painter may take time to finish the work and cost you a lot of money the longer they work on the project. On the other hand, a professional painting company will not only help your space to get an increase in value but get it done within your budget, and in the timeline you provided.

If you are looking for a local painting company to provide you with these benefits, Long Island Painter is ready to blow your mind. Our free consultation service is available at any time to take your calls and questions.

Full-Service Painting Company

Since we started in the industry, Long Island Painter has been lauded by many customers as one of the best local painting companies in Hewlett. For the company, it’s not just giving a surface a new coat of paint. We believe that a painting service should deliver a perfectly painted space that is flawless, attractive, and long-lasting.

Hewlett Painting Company wall g974a64ff8 640 300x169When you reach out to our Hewlett painting company, you will immediately be paired with one of our talented and experienced painters who will assess your project and provide you with all the resources you need to understand our process. As we learn more about your project, our painters will immediately create a project plan that matches your requirements, timeline, and budget. If you are satisfied with our proposal, we will immediately get to work.

Our full-service painting company will work carefully on the site and ensure that your belongings are safe as we sort out your walls and other substrates. You can be reassured that our team will deliver only the best results because we want you to be satisfied with our work for a long time. We even offer additional services to support our painting services, such as wall resurfacing, sheetrock installation, wallpaper removal, and so much more.

We will be in touch with you even after the project, creating a strong relationship between us and ensuring that the space continues to act as intended with its stunning paint.

Free Consultation Today

Hewlett Painting Company certapro logo 300x64Having a trusted Hewlett painting company in your employ for painting projects can definitely change the game for any space. Whether it is residential or commercial, their work will improve the way people see the space and invoke positive emotions whenever they visit.

So, if you have a painting project, don’t risk your investment in amateur painters. Long Island Painter promises to deliver only the best for your space with our personalized painting service.

Call Long Island Painter at (516) 614-4194 today for your Free Consultation with a Hewlett painting expert!