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If you want to make a good impression and create a welcoming environment for anyone who sees your space, you will need to ensure that your space has the right type of paint to help the fixtures and lighting stand out. While anyone can paint a space, not everyone can make it glow and guarantee that it will achieve the image you want for the space. Only a professional painting contractor can make this happen, and Long Island Painter is a leading painting contractor you can trust.

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Long Island Painter has a long history of providing quality painting service in Glen Oaks for residential and commercial properties. When clients reach out to us, they will get a personalized painting service that strives to achieve their vision without spending a lot of money in the process. From helping you pick the right paint to organizing your project and matching safety standards, you can trust us to get it done efficiently.

Our experienced Glen Oaks painters can work in either new properties or existing ones, both residential and commercial. We can repair the substrates if needed and replace them before putting them in the coat you want. You can contact us at any time for touch-ups and other quality issues to ensure your space always looks immaculate.

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Why Hire Our Professional Glen Oaks Painters

Whether you are looking for a painter who can paint your residence or commercial facility, you need to partner with a trustworthy painting contractor who will go beyond painting and work in achieving the image you want for the space.

Here’s how a professional painting service like Long Island Painter differs from a standard painter:

Ensures Work satisfaction

The major reason you should get a professional painting contractor rather than a regular painter is that they know everything there is to know about painting projects. They are focused on delivering the project on time and meeting the customer’s needs perfectly. They can also provide answers to queries you may have and guarantee that even at the end of the project, you can rely on them to make retouches.

Color matching

Glen Oaks Painter Color matching 300x199Anyone can go to a paint shop, pick the color they want, and get the materials needed to paint it on the wall. While you can handle the painting yourself, there is a possibility that the paint job won’t work as well as you hope because you picked the wrong color or type of paint for the job. There are a lot of paint colors and types to choose from, and if you are not well-versed in them, it can be very hard to determine which one works well for exterior or interior walls.

Professional painters can reduce the stress of having to go through these options. Simply let them know what color you want it to be, what type of substrate is going to be painted, and the finish you want it to look like. If you have not selected a color, you can let the painters know what kind of space it is going to be, and they can provide the right recommendations.

With them as your painters, you will also save time because, with their experience, they can already bring the materials needed to get the paint job done and paint away.

Thorough work

Contrary to popular belief, paint does not stick to surfaces easily, especially if it is not prepared correctly. Some surfaces will require cleaning, sanding, and priming, while others need to be repaired for an even coat.

A professional painting contractor understands that the surface must be prepared correctly in order to achieve the correct finish and ambiance. Before painting, they will check the surface to be worked on and do the necessary prep work such as cleaning, removing the old paint, or repairing the drywall. They will also do other prep work to keep the rest of the space spotless, like covering the furniture, taping the edges for an even finish, and others.

Checks damage

Professional painters also pay close attention to the health of the surface they are painting on and recommend the best solution possible. They will also let you know the presence of these damaged parts and recommend the best contractors who can repair them.

With Long Island Painter, you do not need to find a separate contractor who can repair these damaged areas. We can already do it for you without any additional costs.

Conducts repairs and replacements

Once a professional painter sees damage on the substrates they are painting on, they can either recommend a team who can repair it for you or do it themselves. From drywall repairs to wood replacement and removal, you can trust our painters to handle it without any problems as we have experience in dealing with any issues found in your walls.

Want to learn more about our great team of Glen Oaks painters or want to ask them more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us through our free consultation service, and one of our painters will be with you to answer your questions.

Full Service Painting Company

At Long Island Painter, we are not painters for the sake of covering walls with the color you desire. You will get a team of painters who will optimize the substrates (or areas that will be painted) and make sure that the work lasts for a long time.

Glen Oaks Painter content bottom 300x218.jpgWhen we receive your request, we will assign a professional painter who will be your main contact and answer all your questions about the project. We would then find out what you want your space to look like once we are finished with the work and make the appropriate project plan to achieve it within the timeline and budget you provided. Once you approve of our project plan, we will get to work.

When we work at your home or property, you can be assured that your belongings will be protected and not get splattered on by paint. We will work carefully as if we are working on our own home, allowing us to also create the space that you dreamed of and not cause additional costs for damage. Aside from delivering the project on time, we will be in constant contact with you, so if you need additional assistance from our Glen Oaks painters, we will be ready to assist you.

Long Island Painter also offers commercial painting services, wall resurfacing, wallpaper removal, sheetrock installation, and more. Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll be on the case.

Free Consultation Today

Glen Oaks Painter certapro logo 300x64It is true that anyone can paint a wall. However, if you want the paint to last for a long time and enable the space to stand out, you will need a professional painting contractor to handle it for you.

Our Glen Oaks, NY painting company knows the inner workings of everything related to paint and transforms any space to embody your vision. Whether you will just have your space painted for the first time or you are due for a makeover, we have your back and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Make us your painting partner today, and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Call Long Island Painter at (516) 614-4194 today for your Free Consultation with a Glen Oaks Painter!