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Did you just purchase your dream home and figured it needs a brand new paint job? Or is your current house in need of fresh paint? Whichever your situation is, we at Long Island Painter are happy to give you quality Woodmere exterior painting service to help you out.

Having good-quality exterior house painting is one way to increase the value of your home and create the impressions you want people to have when they see your home. Our team understands how frustrating it is to deal with contractors who cannot live up to your needs and wants for your home’s exterior walls and get it done on time. When you contact us, our team of experienced and trained exterior painters will deliver the best results without any hassle at all.

We are also a full-service painting company that can handle everything needed to complete your exterior painting project from start to finish. We even offer warranties for our paint jobs, guaranteeing that you don’t have to worry about getting a retouch or repair on the paint job. We are the best exterior painting team you can sign up with for your paint projects.

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What to Consider When Hiring for Exterior Painting

Exterior painting may sound simple for some, but it comes with a lot of work that guarantees how well the final product will look. If one factor is not considered and taken into account, it may affect the quality of the work and open gaps in your home that may be open to damage.

When considering whether you should hire a professional Woodmere exterior painting service or not, here are the factors you need to take into account:

Age of the home

Exterior painting projects must consider the age of the home before picking the paint that will be used for the project. If the home was built before 1978, the Environmental Protection Agency requires the exterior paint to be checked for lead before a new paint coat can be placed on it. If the home tests positive for lead, you are required to hire an exterior painting contractor who is lead-safe certified to handle the paint job.

Materials used for the surface

Every home differs when it comes to the nature of the walls used for the exterior of the home. Some homes have wooden exteriors, while others use concrete or steel. You also need to consider if they are in good condition or there is a need to repair them before the project. Aside from getting these surfaces restored or replaced, you need to consider the right type of paint to use because there are paints that work only for a certain material.

Size of the home

Determining who should handle the exterior painting task must also take into account the size of the home. Knowing the size of the home will also help identify the costs needed to finish the project, as well as the time that is needed to complete the project.


Woodmere Exterior Painting Acessibility 300x200Another crucial factor that must be considered for any exterior painting project is the accessibility to the home, especially for two-story or higher homes. DIY painters may find it difficult to access the higher levels safely without the right equipment and do the job perfectly.


Finally, you will need to consider the cost of the entire project, from the materials that will be used, time to finish the entire project, to the labor costs. It is ideal to compare how much you will spend on a DIY setup to a professional service to determine which is best for your project.

If you have the time, resources, and skills to do the entire project, you can consider DIY exterior painting. However, if you don’t want the stress brought by the project, especially when it comes to the safety standards needed for your home, you can hire us at Long Island Painter to handle it for you.

Maintaining Exterior House Painting

Woodmere Exterior Painting Maintaining Exterior House Painting 300x200Since exterior walls are exposed to the elements, there is a need to ensure that it looks as fresh as possible through regular maintenance. Experts recommend that maintenance be done during a month when the temperatures do not drop below 35 degrees Fahrenheit and go up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If your location is riddled with harsh weather regularly, you may need to get them maintained more often than others.

Power washing, regular landscaping, and gutter cleaning are just some of the ways you can maintain your exterior house paint. If you want to ensure that it is done correctly, you should contact exterior painting companies like Long Island Painter. Our team is trained to handle this maintenance work because we want you to be satisfied with your exterior house walls.

Full-Service Exterior Painting Company

Woodmere Exterior Painting content bottom 300x218.jpgLong Island Painter believes that when we paint a house or any facility, we are painting new lives and giving them a space that people can enjoy for a long period of time. This is why we are always committed to providing custom exterior house painting services to match whatever the clients want for their space and make sure it is within their budget.

We offer a free consultation service that allows customers to ask one of our exterior painters everything they wish to know about our services. During this time, we will assess what is needed for your exterior walls and prepare the necessary materials and equipment to do the project more efficiently. We provide honest estimates done by our estimators, which are done free of charge, and we can work at the earliest time to get the project done on the timeline we agreed upon. We also have a color consultant on standby to help you with color combinations.

When you agree with our quote, our exterior painters will come in to start the project. They will first prepare the area that needs to be painted on, clean away mold and mildew, replace any broken surfaces and fill any gaps to prevent water damage. Painting will begin once every area is prepared, and we will use durable paints that will serve as an added protection for your exterior walls. Once we are done, we will clean the work area so you can admire the newly painted walls without distractions.

Our Woodmere, NY painting company will remain in contact with you even after we finish the project to ensure that the paint job is maintained, and you don’t have to contact another firm to repair any issues that may appear.

Free Consultation Today

Woodmere Exterior Painting certapro logo 300x64The exterior walls and fittings of our home also deserve to have a high-quality paint job to accentuate its overall image and help the structure last longer despite being under the elements. Our Woodmere exterior painting service ensures that not only will it allow your home to shine; it will also prolong its lifespan despite being under the elements. Let us check your home, and we’ll help you achieve your ideal image through our painting service.

Call Long Island Painter at (516) 614-4194 for your Free Consultation with a Woodmere Exterior Painting expert!